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Fair Gaming

As a player wagering on the Internet, you have to ask yourself an important question:
Can I trust the people running this site?
We shall explain in this section why the answer to that question
is Yes, when you play at

The software developer is a publicly known company games are developed by C.O.A World Entertainment Inc.

Gambling Experience on the Internet was established in 1998. is acknowledged internationally and accredited by the IGC (Internet Gaming Commission). advertises on all major gambling portals and sites.

Random Number Generator (RNB)

A computerized random number generator, basing its results on internationally agreed upon mathematical gaming algorithms, generates the outcome of the games at keeps logfiles on all the games and transactions made by a Play for Real Member.
The information includes the amount wagered, the game results and all deposit and cashout history.

Legal Internet Casino

Our casino operates under 100% legal conditions. is licensed and regulated by the government of Venezuela.

Confidentiality player particulars as well as accounts, transactions and all historical gaming information are kept strictly confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to any third party without the explicit agreement of the account holder.

Certification is certified by the government of Venezuela and accredited by the IGC, the Internet Gaming Commission.

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