Free Ride gaming on line gaming msn gaming puts YOU at the cutting edge of the latest in WAP Technologies

The first casino that enables you to play for REAL MONEY straight from your cellular phone or other wireless device!!

Start playing by directing your WAP device to the following URL:

What is WAP?

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) lets the power of the Internet unfold in the palm of your hand. Now you can do things on the move that you needed a computer to do before.

WAP allows people to access Internet style information from wherever they happen to be, directly from their cellular phone and other wireless devices.

For the first time this new generation standard makes it possible to bring entertainment to your fingertips, no matter where you are!!

What type of devices can use WAP?

A number of digital devices support the WAP protocol including Cellular Phones, PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), Smartphones, Communicators and Pagers.

Is the WAP Casino secure?

Currently, transactions can only be made via the HTML casino. For information on security on the Internet,click here.

Your personal username and password restrict access to your account. Should your phone or other wireless device be stolen, your account cannot be accessed in any way without your own personal password.

So what do I need to have in order to start playing?

In order to play our WAP casino games, you need the following device configuration:

    Cellular telephone or other wireless device with WAP capability (WML browser) and WAP gateway connectivity. Other wireless protocols are not supported at this time. Our application is designed to work on all WAP devices.
Our WAP Casino can be played by directing your WAP device to the following URL:

Currently, deposits may only be made via the HTML casino. In order to play, one must be a registered user at with an existing balance in the casino account.


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